Katana HT 14mm zirconium disc


Zirconium disc, High Translucency, for frameworks, bridges, crowns

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Katana HT 14mm zirconium disc
Colour: HT10 (white)
125-2122EU 515 RON
Katana HT 14mm zirconium disc
Colour: HT12 (A1)
125-2262EU 515 RON
Katana HT 14mm zirconium disc
Colour: HT13 (A2/A3)
125-2312EU 515 RON
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Noritake Katana HT (High Translucency) is a highly durable, high translucency monochrome zirconium suitable for milling ceramic veneering frameworks (crowns and bridges, anterior and posterior, of any size).


KATANA multi-layer zirconium discs, known for fast Full-Contour/Monolithic restorations, are now sinterable in 90 minutes (in fast sintering furnaces*) *Tested for AUSTROMAT 674i, inFire HTC speed and Sintra Plus furnaces; valid for Katana ML/HT, STML/UTML zirconia discs.

Translucency for 1 mm thickness:

katana_img02.jpg tabel-zirconia.gif translucenta-discuri-zirconiu.jpg

Flexural strength


Extraordinary durability due to reduced monoclinic transformation Under hydrothermal conditions, the tetragonal system of the zirconium surface becomes monoclinic and brittle. KATANA zirconia, however, has a minimal monoclinic transformation rate, maintaining its hardness over time.

katana-durabilitate.jpg katana-durabilitate2.jpg program-sinterizare-ML-HT.jpg program-sinterizare.jpg

Program de sinterizare pentru punti extinse.

Technical details:

diameter - 98.5mm

thickness - 14mm

flexural strength - 1050-1100 MPa

fracture strength - 5Mpa√m

Available shades: HT10: white, HT12:A1, B1, B2 and HT13: A2, A3

Katana HT is recommended to be ceramic coated to obtain the desired shade

Further information can be found in the User's Guide: Ghidul de utilizare

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