Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)


high translucency multilayer cubic zirconium blocks for CEREC

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Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)
Colour: A1
125-5701EU 766 RON
Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)
Colour: A2
125-5721EU 766 RON
Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)
Colour: A3
125-5741EU 766 RON
Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)
Colour: A3.5
125-5761EU 766 RON
Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)
Colour: B1
125-5801EU 766 RON
Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)
Colour: B2
125-5821EU 766 RON
Katana STML 12Z zirconium blocks (set 5 pieces)
Colour: NW
125-5961EU 766 RON
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Super-translucent cubic zirconium

Multilayer block for in-cabinet milling

Sintering in 18 minutes*

Ideal for CEREC

Noritake's super-popular Katana STML zirconia is now also available in block form for milling in Dentsply Sirona CEREC machines.

Katana STML is an innovative product: state-of-the-art, supertranslucent, multilayer cubic zirconium (multilayer, with a gradient of colour saturation from the core to the incisal edge). The unique optical properties allow for very natural looking dental restorations. Eliminates the complicated and time-consuming work steps of using various types of stains necessary to improve the aesthetic appearance of the "classic" zirconium  of the older generations (monochrome and low translucency).

The collaboration between the superior technology of Kuraray Noritake Dental materials and the technologically advanced equipment of Dentsply Sirona now makes it possible to achieve monolithic (fullcontour) zirconium restorations in just 35 minutes!*2


Multi-Layer Technology

The Katana Multilayer zirconia block consists of four layers of zirconia with graduated shades (the intensity of the colour decreases from the core to the incisal, just like natural teeth). This product allows in-office fabrication of natural-looking restorations, eliminating difficult and time-consuming individualization/make-up steps.

A new solution for the dental practice

Dentists often have to weigh what is more important: the aesthetic or mechanical qualities of a restoration. With superb mechanical properties and aesthetic qualities that mimic natural teeth, the Katana zirconia block solves this dilemma. It brings new solutions to a variety of clinical problems that cannot be solved by lithium disilicate or conventional zirconia.

CEREC working times:

Katana blocks can be sintered in just 18 minutes using the CEREC SpeedFire furnace


*1 CL shade is monochrome, clear, ideal for inlay/onlay make-up

*2 For use of this product a CEREC software version 4.5.2 minimum and for the 18 minute synthesis program version 4.6 minimum is required.

*3 In case of restorations with walls thinner than 3mm, using dry milling

*4 Dry milling is recommended. If wet milling is performed with recycled coolant, contaminated with dental ceramic debris (or lithium disilicate) zirconia translucency may be reduced after sintering. Before milling, clean the chamber, cooling vessel and filter. The cooling liquid should be changed to optimise the results.



Thinner walls, less invasive polishing 

For an all-ceramic option, zirconium has excellent mechanical properties. Katana block, a highly translucent form of zirconium, has better mechanical properties than lithium disilicate. Thus it is possible that Katana milled restorations are thinner than lithium disilicate. The result is less invasive restorations with superior mechanical properties and natural aesthetics without any conflict!


Perfect adhesion. Safe cementing with Panavia

The MDP adhesive monomer developed by Kuraray has an extraordinary affinity especially to zirconium. Safe adhesive cementation of milled restorations from Katana zirconia blocks can be achieved using Panavia V5 cement (together with Panavia V5 Tooth Primer enamel adhesive and Ceramic Primer Plus universal primer, both containing MDP monomer).

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