Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs


Zirconium disc with revolutionary design, the pinnacle of technological evolution in multi-layer zirconia for dentistry

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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: A1
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: A2
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: A3
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: A3.5
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: A4
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: B1
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: B2
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: B3
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: C1
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: C2
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: C3
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: D2
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: D3
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Katana YML 22mm zirconium discs
Colour: NW
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The KATANA Zirconia YML (Yttria Multi-Layered) disc represents the new generation of zirconia for dentistry.Characterized by a unique combination of raw materials, combining a high degree of translucency and increased strength, this innovative disc will have a great contribution in your laboratory: efficiency, clarity, simplicity and precision! 

Thanks to a multi-layer technology developed by Kuraray Noritake, the 3 raw materials constitute 3 perfectly harmonized layers, because all the main steps in the production process, including purification, ziconium refining and the addition of essential components such as Yttria (yttria), are carried out in the Kuraray Noritake Dental factory!

In addition, the proprietary zirconia pressing technique and pre-sintering process make the new KATANA Zirconia YML disc a perfect fit in the KATANA family. 



KATANA Zirconia YML is an all-in-one solution because it offers exceptional versatility and is used for all types of restorations:

from full-contour to highly aesthetic anterior monolithic crowns

- laminated veneers

- inlay / onlay

- anterior and posterior crowns

- bridges with a large number of elements

- structures



The KATANA Zirconia YML disc has been designed to mimic the natural tooth as closely as possible, both chromatically and in translucency. 

Enamel layer - to provide high transparency, harmonized with the anterior teeth

Dentine layer 1 - to give a gradual transition to the enamel layer

Dentine layer 2 and 3 - to provide deep colour while reducing the level of whiteness

(% - percentage of total disc thickness.

Physical properties measured under certain conditions - flexural strength - 4x3x40mm sample, translucency - 1mm sample)



Fast processing

- very short sintering time - 54 minutes; waiting time is minimized; in addition, overnight sintering cycles are minimized for increased efficiency

All-in-one solution

- thanks to high translucency and high strength combined in one product, the whole variety of applications can be covered with one disc. Thus, the inventory of zirconia discs you need is greatly reduced.

Simple aesthetics

- multi-layer technology without bonding/soldering eliminates the visibility of transition lines, emphasising natural shade and transparency, and simplifies the restoration creation process

Firing deformation is controlled

- Restoration accuracy and adaptability after firing is improved, which reduces the risk of rejects and the need to restart the entire process. No waste of time and materials!


FAST SINTERING - punti de pana la 3 elemente

The outstanding physical properties and processing speed are unique qualities that place KATANA Zirconia YML discs in a superior position compared to other similar discs. You can produce up to 3 element dental bridges in only 54 minutes (fast sintering program) without compromising on aesthetics or quality. 



Recomandarile de sinterizare de mai sus sunt generale. In functie de cuptorul utilizat, setarile pot fi ajustate. In cazul in care cuptorul pe care il utilizati nu poate fi setat programul de sinterizare de 54 sau de 90 de minute, utilizati alt program.



KATANA Zirconia YML discs come in 14 shades, a standard diameter (98.5mm) and 3 levels of thickness. 

 During polishing procedures, the shade of the material darkens a little, so when selecting the disc shade, you can choose a lighter shade.



Now, with KATANA Zirconia YML discs, you can confidently make thin, fine-edged restorations for a precise marginal fit, as the risk of chipping is greatly reduced as the material is very durable.



KATANA Zirconia YML discs, with layers of different compositions, achieve extraordinary stability and precise shrinkage after firing by controlling the entire manufacturing process from refining to casting. In addition, this quality control is also due to the fact that all the raw materials used are made in Kuraray Noritake's own factory. This means that the purity level of the materials and particle size are always under control, as well as creating an optimal balance between pigments, stabilisers and other components.

In this way, Kuraray Noritake Dental guarantees all customers a material that is always reliable. 

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