Arti-Fol Plastic 8µ one side BK21/BK23


Articulating film, Arti-Fol Plastic, 8µ, one side, roll

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Arti-Fol Plastic 8µ one side BK21/BK23
Model: BK 21
BK21 75.01 RON
Arti-Fol Plastic 8µ one side BK21/BK23
Model: BK 23
BK23 75.01 RON
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Articulating film Bausch Arti-Fol Plastic, 8µ


Product code: BK21

Colour: red

Product code: BK23

Colour: blue

Presentation: roll 20m x 22 mm

Even the smallest premature contacts, even if they are only a few microns high, can cause dysfunction (often TMD) and can even obstruct swallowing. Because of the occlusal proportions, the material for checking is subject to special requirements.

Occlusal contacts often have very small diameters, which makes them difficult to see on polished surfaces such as ceramics or dental alloys.

The occlusal check material must be extremely thin to mark the exact contour of the occlusal contact.

The material must be resistant to breakage when testing eccentric movements or resilience.

Bausch articulating films meet all these requirements and have a high pigmenting power especially on hard to mark surfaces. The dye layer, only 6 μ thick, consists of wax and a pigment. It also contains hydrophilic elements to improve colour transfer even on wet occlusal surfaces.

Bausch Arti-Fol films are especially intended for the representation of static and dynamic occlusion in different colours.

The first step is to investigate concentric contacts (static occlusion) with red, the second step is to investigate eccentric contacts (dynamic occlusion) with black. Of course the sequence of colours can be changed. Other colours can also be used for an even more accurate representation of dynamic occlusion.

Bausch Arti-Fol films are available in 5 different colours

All Arti-Fol films are also available with pigment on both sides to mark contacts on antagonists.

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