40µ BK15/BK16 Articulating paper


Bausch articulating paper, micro-thin, 40µ, roll

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40µ BK15/BK16 Articulating paper
Colour: BLUE
BK15 72 RON
40µ BK15/BK16 Articulating paper
Colour: RED
BK16 72 RON
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Bausch articulating paper, micro-thin, 40µ

Product Code: BK 15 

Colour: blue

Product Code: BK 16

Colour: red

Presentation: roll 10m x 22 mm

Bausch 40μ articulating paper is extremely thin, very tear resistant, coated on both sides with liquid pigment. This paper marks accurately due to the very low thickness of the material.

This avoids false or blurred contacts. The special liquid pigment coating facilitates precise marking of all occlusal contacts or interferences.

Wet occlusal surfaces such as ceramics, polished alloys, acrylate or gold, which are usually difficult to examine, are no longer problematic. The special liquid pigment coating consists of a large number of pigment-filled microcapsules.

Even the slightest chewing pressure can cause these capsules to break and remove visible pigment.

Repeated marking is also possible due to colour regeneration.

The Bausch micro-substrate articulating paper is particularly suitable in the bi-colour representation of static and dynamic occlusion. The first step is the inspection of concentric contacts (static occlusion) with red, the second step - the inspection of eccentric contacts (dynamic occlusion) with blue. The colour sequence can of course be different.

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