Arti-Fol Metallic 12µ 1 side BK31/BK33


Articulating film, Arti-Fol Metallic, 12µ, 1 side, roll

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Arti-Fol Metallic 12µ 1 side BK31/BK33
Colour: BLUE
BK33 80 RON
Arti-Fol Metallic 12µ 1 side BK31/BK33
Colour: RED
BK31 80 RON
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Articulation film Bausch Arti-Fol Metallic, 12µ

Product Code: BK 31

Colour: red

Product Code: BK 33

Colour: blue

Presentation: dispenser with roll 20m x 22 mm

Arti-Fol 12μ Metallic is a high-tech articulating film with distinct, enhanced qualities. This occlusion film is made of a metallic polyester (Shimstock) with a thickness of only 12μ.

The combination of the new pigment coating and the metallic film offers certain advantages in certain applications.

The film has excellent colour transfer capability.

Premature contact spots are detectable, especially on highly polished ceramics or dental alloys. The film is antistatic and can be easily applied even without the use of forceps. This new material is also highly tear-resistant and ideal for resilience testing.

Unlike conventional Shimstock, this Arti-Fol Metallic film accurately marks premature contacts. Because the film is metallic on the back, it is obvious which side is the pigmented one. Arti-Fol Metallic is tear resistant and only 12μ thick.

It is ideal for checking approximal contacts when fixing bridges and crowns.

It can be easily applied with Bausch BK 145 nour forceps for approximal contacts.

Arti-Fol Metallic is available in four different colours.

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