Sonicfill 3 Intro Kit


New generation: bulkfill composite with sonic activation

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SonicFill™ 3 is the latest innovation in Kerr's portfolio, a unique, universal, light-curing composite suitable for direct bulkfill fillings, the only sonically activated composite on the market!

This composite system offers dentists an excellent adaptation, and impossible to achieve with other cementitious materials, to the cavity walls, easier handling, sculptability and polishing capabilities.

SonicFill™ 3 simplifies the restorative process in one efficient step, eliminating the need for a base/liner or topcoat.


5 mm light-curing depth

Improved adaptation to internal walls and cavity margins

Easier handling

Easier to extrude during application

Low shrinkage for durable marginal integrity

Combines the benefits of a flowable composite with those of a chitosan and sculptable composite

Proven results.One step further

Unique, patented technology!

The secret of SonicFill lies in the patented resin filler with special modifiers that react to SonicFill energy applied through the handpiece. When this energy is applied the viscosity decreases to 84%, allowing fast positioning and precise adaptation to the cavity walls. When the SonicFill energy ceases, the composite returns to a more viscous appearance, perfect for sculpting and contouring.

Fewer steps, less chance of getting it wrong!

SonicFill™ 3 replaces time-consuming conventional layering techniques with a SingleFill™ Composite System that eliminates the need for any final lining or coating.

Presentation: 1 SonicFill handpiece, 60 de single-doses (40 x A2, 10 10 x A1, 10 x A3), accessories

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