GC Essentia 2ml syringe


Universal light-curing composite

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GC Essentia 2ml syringe
Colour: DD
900974/13893 247 RON
GC Essentia 2ml syringe
Colour: DE
900976/13893 247 RON
GC Essentia 2ml syringe
Colour: LD
900972/13893 247 RON
GC Essentia 2ml syringe
Colour: LE
900975/13893 247 RON
GC Essentia 2ml syringe
Colour: MD
900973/13893 247 RON
GC Essentia 2ml syringe
Colour: ML
900978 247 RON
GC Essentia 2ml syringe
Colour: UNIIVERSAL bulk
264 RON
GC Essentia 2ml syringe
900977/13893 197.6 RON
247 RON
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Essentia is GC's newest direct restoration system: a light-curing, universal, radio-opaque composite.

It introduces a new, simplified shade system:

- bold and simple: seven shades to solve any clinical case

- intuitive system that will simplify the daily work of doctors

+ reduced inventory: only 7 syringes, all shades are useful - Essentia simplifies shade selection with 6 restoration options

- Previous: 4 options depending on patient age: Bleach/Junior, Young, Adult & Senior

- posterior: simple technique for double layering, or single shade using Universal - Essentia ensures optimal handling and optical properties in any situation

- Dentine is soft fabricated for easy carving, and will display excellent shade adaptation

- veneers are more compact and guarantee excellent gloss

- Universal shade is easy to handle for better application in the posterior area

- Masking Liner is injectable and very opaque: perfect for deeply discoloured cavities - Essentia simplifies the polishing procedure

- perfect surface in a few steps, thanks to the new Enamel formula

- long-term gloss retention is ensured by the use of ultra-fine fillers

Dentine: ensures shade adaptation in any situation

Based on a micro-hybrid composition, the dentine shades will ensure the optimal ratio between reflection and light scattering. Thanks to the low viscosity, handling is easy, both with a brush and a spatula.

Available shades: LD (light dentin), MD (medium light), DD (dark dentin).

Enamel: brings light to restorations. Being more translucent, the enamel shades will give a vital touch to restorations

The ease of polishing in just a few steps and the excellent long-term gloss retention will surprise you

The enamel composite is slightly more compact to achieve the desired final external hardness and excellent gloss.

Shades: LE (light enamel), DE (dark enamel).

Universal: a unique shade for all small and posterior restorations. This shade is designed to achieve a perfect match in all situations where layering is not required. Handling is made a little easier to facilitate application in the posterior area.

Shades: U (universal). Masking liner: blocking and mattifying pigments/colours. Because deep crevices often show strong discolouration, the masking liner is designed to block these imperfections with a thin, opaque layer. Handling is done by injection to facilitate access to the deepest cavities.

Shade: ML (masking layer).

Shade: ML (masking layer).

Restoration options become even more complex by using the 4 additional modifier shades, available separately: OM (Opalescent Modifier), RM (Red-Brown Modifier), BM (Black Modifier), WM (White Modifier).

- 2ml syringes: (available shades: LD, MD, DD, LE, DE, U, ML), Modifier

- 2.4ml syringes: (available shades: OM, RBM, BM, WM)

Essentia makes it possible to achieve previous aesthetic restorations with just two shades!

In this previously difficult case, just two shades (Medium Dentin and Light Enamel) were enough to perfectly mimic the natural appearance of the surrounding teeth and give this young patient a brilliant smile.

Essentia brings posterior restorations closer to the natural look without extra effort.

Most posterior cases will look perfect using only the intensely shaded shade Dark Dentin together with Light Enamel, providing a very natural looking posterior restoration.

Essentia takes complex cases to a new level. 

You now have more restoration options thanks to the four pigments. Designed for quick characterisation of your restoration: for creating a halo effect on the incisal edge with Opalescent Modifier (left) or for characterising cracks in the posterior area with Red Brown Modifier (right).


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