Neo Spectra ST HV Effects 3g syringe


Universal nano-ceramic composite for direct, light-curing, radio-opaque restorations

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Neo Spectra ST HV Effects 3g syringe
Colour: D1
60701952 210 RON
Neo Spectra ST HV Effects 3g syringe
Colour: D3
60701953 210 RON
Neo Spectra ST HV Effects 3g syringe
Colour: E1
60701951 210 RON
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Neo Spectra ST Effects (or as it was known until recently - Ceram.x SphereTEC Duo) is a universal nano-ceramic, light-curing, radiopaque composite based on the new SphereTEC filling technology suitable for both direct and indirect restorations.

For anterior restorations, you can use Neo Spectra ST Effects composite together with Neo Spectra ST composite in a simplified layering technique. 

Here's how Neo Spectra ST together with Neo Spectra ST Effects provides natural aesthetics.


Images by Dr Andre Reis. University of Guarulhos, Brazil

The shade system:

D1 (use with A1; A2)

D3 (use with A3; A3.5; A4) 607.01.943 607.01.953

E1 (use with A1; A2; A3; A3.5; A4)

Neo Spectra ST Effects dentine opaque shades are paired with Neo Spectra ST Universal CLOUD shades when a case calls for extra opacity.

A translucent enamel nib creates a highly translucent incisal edge when needed.


Simplified stratification. Process made possible by SphereTEC filling technology.

Indications for use

- For direct restorations for all classes of anterior and posterior teeth.

- Indirect fabrication of inlays, onlays and crowns.

Excellent handling with ideal viscosity.

Thanks to this new SphereTEC filling technology, Neo Spectra ST composite offers optimized handling for both high and low viscosity to accommodate your technique and preference for efficient shaping. 

Does not stick to hand tools

Fits easily on the surface of the cavity

Easy to carve and shape

Excellent flow resistance

Aesthetically - as beautiful as it is fast.

SphereTEC® filler particles in combination with the resin allow for an excellent chameleon effect for simplified shade matching.

It also allows for fast finishing and polishing for excellent gloss. 

5 universal CLOUD shades cover the entire VITA® key1

Save money and space by reducing inventory

Polish to a high shine, fast with polishing systems

Enhance Finishing and Enhance PoGo

Longevity matters

Lasting aesthetic results.

SphereTEC filling technology takes lasting results to another level. With over 24 million restorations performed globally, the NeoSpectra ST formula has proven clinical success.  

Excellent stain resistance

Proven wear resistance

SphereTEC filling technique:

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