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OptiShade 4g syringe


universal light-curing nano-hybrid composite, simplified shade system

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OptiShade 4g syringe
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OptiShade 4g syringe
Colour: DARK
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OptiShade 4g syringe
Colour: LIGHT
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OptiShade 4g syringe
Colour: MEDIUM
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OptiShade 4g syringe
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The OptiShade composite is based on adaptive response technology and covers all 16 classic VITA shades with just 3 shades.

Simplify inventory management and save time when choosing shades, while trusting the superior modelling qualities and superior aesthetic qualities of the material.

Using OptiShade, your patients will smile with confidence and you will have a simplified working protocol.

Exceptional restorations

SimpliShade's smaller than 50 microns particle size allows for impeccable polishing and long-lasting shine.

More sustainable restorations

The ART system allows for high loading - 81%, to ensure excellent resistance to wear, chipping or fracturing

Excellent radio-opacity

The higher the radio-opacity, the easier it is to differentiate between restoration and tooth structure on the X-ray.

Optimum opacity

OptiShade provides the ideal opacity to mimic the natural tooth structure for outstanding aesthetic results.

The 16 VITA shades are combined into just 3 shades:

Light - corresponds to VITA shades A1, B1, B2, C1, D2

Medium - corresponds to VITA shades A2, A3, C2, D3, D4.

Dark - corresponds to VITA shades A3.5, A4, B3, B4, C3, C4

Presentation - 4g syringe

Click below to see a demonstration - Class I restoration

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