ACTIVA Restorative Kids 8g/5ml syringe


Aesthetic, bioactive, dual-cure composite material for direct restorations, specially designed for children

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ACTIVA Restorative Kids 8g/5ml syringe
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Due to its opaque-white shade, this compound is ideal for use in the treatment of children.

Physically, it has the same properties and characteristics as ACTIVA Restorative.

ACTIVA products do not contain Bisphenol A, Bis-GMA or other types of BPA.

They are the first dental resins that incorporate:


- a bioactive ionic resin matrix

- a shock-absorbing rubber resin component

- a reactive glass ionomer filler that mimics the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth.


These bioactive materials actively participate in ion exchange cycles that regulate the natural chemistry of teeth and saliva and contribute to the maintenance of dental structure and oral health.

(microscopic analysis of bioactive components)

Activa has the strength, aesthetics and physical properties of composite materials and releases more fluoride than glass ionomers, thus combining the best properties of both materials without compromise.

Activa chemically bonds to dental tissues and seals against bacterial microleakage and due to the continuous release and reloading with significant amounts of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions, confers long-term benefits to patients.

Activa bioactive materials are tougher and more resistant to breakage than most composite materials: 2-3 times that of ordinary composites and 5-10 times that of glass ionomers.

Unlike traditional materials that are hydrophobic, water repellent and designed to be passive, Activa is an active, moisture tolerant material that reacts to changes in the oral environment.

Activa BioActive Restorative at 1 year:

Activa reacts to pH changes in the mouth to help fortify and replenish the ionic properties of saliva, teeth and the material itself. For this reason, Activa is considered a 'smart' material. Activa contains water, yet has extremely low solubility. The ionic resin matrix facilitates the diffusion of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions, while maintaining the excellent physical properties associated with resins and composites.

Activa products are paste-paste materials, in syringe with self-mixing, with polymerisation by three mechanisms: light-curing, chemical self-curing, self-curing by reaction characteristic of glass ionomers.

Activa Restaurative has all the advantages of a glasionomer, all encapsulated in a strong and resilient resin matrix that will not crumble or chip.


+ Natural aesthetics, easy to polish


+ Tough and resilient, abrasion and fracture resistant, shock absorbing


+ Releases and recharges with calcium, phosphate, fluoride ions


+ Chemical bonding - seals against bacterial microleakage


+ No post-operative sensitivity + Moisture tolerant, simplified application technique


+ Recommended application with double syringe gun (available separately)


Auto set-up time: <3min


Photo hold time: 20sec


Bending resistance: 102MPa


Compression resistance: 280MPa


Fluorine release after one day: 233ppm


Fluorine release after 28 days: 940ppm

Presentation: 8g(5ml) syringe + tips

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