MP3 Prehydrated bone granules


Natural bone granules of porcine origin, collagenated, prehydrated with collagen gel. Recommended for sinus lift

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MP3 Prehydrated bone granules
Size: 0.5cc
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MP3 Prehydrated bone granules
Size: 1cc
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MP3 Prehydrated bone granules
Size: 3x0.5cc
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Heterologous cortical and spongy collagenated bone mixture, 600-1000 microns particle size, properly combined with OsteoBiol Gel 0.

The product gradually reabsorbs and maintains constant the initial shape and volume of the graft (bone conductivity). Moreover, the presence of the collagen matrix facilitates blood clot formation and subsequent invasion of reparative and regenerative cells. These unique properties allow an extraordinary rate of bone neoformation, ensuring preservation of bone graft volume, formation of healthy bone tissue and ultimately successful implant rehabilitation.



Available in ready-to-use syringes, mp3 is very easy to use, eliminating the hydration and handling step and thus greatly reducing the risk of accidental contact with possible pathogens.



The main clinical indication of mp3 is in sinus lift procedures with lateral access, always associated with Evolution membrane: mp3 syringe can be applied directly through the lateral access, without prior hydration of the granules with saline or blood. Thanks to the collagen gel component, mp3 allows extraordinary graft stability, while hydrophilicity ensures rapid blood absorption, and thus graft vascularisation.


mp3 can be used in combination with the Evolution membrane for a proper preservation of the alveolar ridge: the use of this biomaterial significantly limits the reabsorption in width and height of the alveolar ridge (which would naturally occur during spontaneous healing) by preserving the ridge volume and allowing the insertion of the implant in the second surgical stage.

mp3 is indicated in horizontal augmentation (2-walled bone faults) in combination with autogenous bone blocks or cortical lamella OsteoBiol



mp3 is available in a syringe and can be used immediately. In this mode it can be inserted into the recipient site without any prior manipulation or hydration.

Physical properties

Tissue of origin: cortico-spongy bone mixture of animal origin

Collagen: preserved and 10% added collagen gel (OsteoBiol Gel 0)

Presentation: prehydrated granules and collagen gel


90% granular mixture, 10% collagen gel

Particle size: 600-1000 microns

Resorption time: approximately 5 months


Clinical case

Sinus lift with lateral access, horizontal augmentation and immediate implantation

(Documentation provided by Dr. Rosario Sentineri, Genoa, Italy)


Presentation: 0,5cc syringe/ 1cc / 3 x 0,5cc

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