Cortical bone elastic lamella


Elastic lamella made of collagenised and mouldable cortical bone

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Cortical bone elastic lamella
Size: FINE 25x25mm
LS25FS 813.99 RON
Cortical bone elastic lamella
Size: MEDIUM 40x20mm
LS24LS 1039.4 RON
Cortical bone elastic lamella
Size: MEDIUM Curved 35x35mm
LS10HS 1039.4 RON
Cortical bone elastic lamella
Size: Oval-shaped FINE 25x35mm
LS23FS 941.15 RON
Cortical bone elastic lamella
Size: SOFT 35x35mm
LS35LS 1156.92 RON
Cortical bone elastic lamella
Size: STANDARD 30x30mm
LS03SS 813.99 RON
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OsteoBiol cortical lamellae are produced from deantigenated cortical bone of animal origin, derived from approved tissues, using an exclusive and patented Tecnoss method, which avoids the ceramization effect of hydroxyapatite crystals, accelerating physiological resorption. After a superficial decalcification process, it acquires an elastic consistency, but also retains a compact structure, typical of the cortical bone from which it comes; the edges are soft, so as not to cause microtrauma to neighbouring tissues. The OsteoBiol cortical lamella creates an optimal space and is therefore an ideal material for Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR).


Clinical applications: Because it is decalcified and foldable, following an exclusive process of techno-surgical demineralisation, the lamella is indicated in maxillo-facial surgery and bone crest augmentation, as it adapts perfectly both to the bone to which it is applied, to which it can be anchored with micro-screws, and to the neighbouring soft tissues. This is why it can replace titanium plates, compared to which it has remarkable advantages: the surface has the same smooth and soft structure as a membrane, but its biocompatibility and bioavailability are the same as those of autogenous tissue and only in very rare cases does it cause dehiscence problems.




Fine: 0.5mm (±0.1mm)

Medium: 1.0 mm (±0.1 mm)

Soft: 1.0 mm (±0.1 mm)

Standard: 3.0 mm (±1 mm)


Resorption time:

Fine: 5 months

Medium: 6 months

Semi Soft: 8 months

Standard: 8 months

The resorption time of the lamella is strictly dependent on the graft site and its degree of vascularisation.



Fine: 25x25 mm, 25x35 mm (oval)

Medium: 35x35 mm (curved), 20x40 mm

Soft: 35x35 mm

Standard: 30x30 mm


Packaging: sterile disposable bottles, dry or in alcoholic solution

Sterilisation: gamma rays

Side effects: none known

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