Putty animal bone paste


Animal bone paste

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Putty animal bone paste
Size: 0.5cc (1g)
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Putty animal bone paste
Size: 1cc (2g)
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Putty animal bone paste
Size: 3 X 0.5cc (3g)
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Putty animal bone paste
Size: 3 x 0.25cc (1.5g)
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Produced according to a patented method, which gives it exceptional plasticity and malleability, the paste is easy to apply in any surgery where bone replacement (cysts, tumours, osteotomies) or apposition (reconstructive surgery in general) is required.


Placed in the recipient site and covered with an OsteoBiol membrane, which facilitates containment and irrigation; the paste, with its high collagen content, facilitates rapid reabsorption by macrophages; accelerates neoangiogenesis by activating endothelial cells and neoosteogenesis by activating osteoblasts.

The collagen present in the product, in addition to enhancing the action of fibrin in the formation of osteo-clot, also has chemotactic properties, which attract cells and facilitate their movement and action, thus rapidly forming class II trabecular bone, even at the end of the second month after surgery. In particular, the adhesion and agglutination of platelets are favoured with the release of platelet coagulation factors and growth factors which play a fundamental role not only in bone regeneration (through osteoinduction) but also in tissue regeneration in general.


Deantigenated bone paste, with 80% Gen-Os (natural collagenized bone produced by Tecnoss) and 20% Gel 0 (native collagen type I and III, produced by Tecnoss)

Clinical applications

Implantology: optimal alveolar filling in immediate post-extraction implants, facilitating primary stability; treatment of dehiscences and peri-implants

Maxillofacial surgery: bone addition after extractions, apical resections, odontogenic cysts, cleft ridges.

NB: to fill large cavities (volume > 1cm3), mix the product in a ratio of 1:3 with Gen-Os (a volumetric ratio of 25% Putty).

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The product can be applied to the bone defect and adapted to its volume and shape without compression; all unstable material residues must be removed before suturing the soft tissue.

Physical properties:

GRANULOMETRY: fine, max.300 μm.

The product is not very radio-opaque

RESORPTION TIME: on average 4 months

PACKAGING: sterile disposable bottles


SIDE EFFECTS: none known

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