Gel 40 with native collagen


Native Collagen loaded with 40% Gen-Os

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Gel 40 with native collagen
Size: 0.5cc
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Gel 40 with native collagen
Size: 3 x 0.5cc
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Native collagen loaded with micronized Gen-Os (natural collagenized bone with a grain size <200 μm) in a volumetric percentage of 40%, which increases its consistency and stability. It presents as a gel at temperatures below 30°C. At higher temperatures, it fluidises and can be easily mixed with both water- and fat-soluble liquids. Thanks to the collagenised Gen Os component, platelet plug formation is faster and qualitatively superior, creating beneficial effects for bone tissue regeneration. Gel 40 has exceptional anti-inflammatory, eutrophic and healing properties. The collagen content guarantees superior osteoconductive activity. Native collagen gel loaded with 40% natural collagenated bone granules (Gen-Os)


Clinical applications: Periodontology: periodontal surgical treatments: gingivectomies, curettages, deep periodontal pockets Implantology: peri-implantitis, used alone or in combination with Gen Os, or in combination with OsteoBiol resorbable membranes. NB: for large cavities (volume > 1cm3), mix one part Gel 40 with 2 parts Gen-Os (a volumetric ratio of 33% Gel 40).


GRANULOMETRY: Fine, maximum 300 μm. The product is not highly radio-opaque RESORPTION TIME: On average 4 months PACKAGING: Sterile disposable syringes

STERILIZATION: gamma rays SIDE EFFECTS: none known


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