Special Membrane


Collagenized membranes, extra-thin thickness 0.2mm, 20 x 20mm, 30 x 30mm

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Special Membrane
Size: 20x20mm
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Special Membrane
Size: 30x30mm
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Produced from tissues with a high collagen content after an exclusive techno-surgical process, Special dry membranes are completely resorbable. After hydration they become flexible but resistant, and are therefore ideal for obtaining very good Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR). Composed of a thick network of natural connective fibres, they offer superior strength to synthetic membranes.


The Special Membrane also has a guiding action in the growth of epithelial tissue, preventing invagination into the newly formed bone tissue and thus promoting optimal regeneration of the surrounding bone tissue.


Clinical applications

Dentistry (periodontology, oral surgery, implantology) and traumatology, where, due to the high degree of tissue continuity, in addition to an eutrophic effect, a resistant and constant barrier against leakage and consequent loss of fluid is required, as well as long-lasting protection against external agents.


Physical properties

SIZE: extra-thin thickness 0.2mm, 20 x 20mm, 30 x 30mm

GRANULARITY: extra fine

RESORPTION TIME: on average 40 days

PACKAGING: Sterile disposable blister pack


SIDE EFFECTS: none known


You can see here the titles of articles published by specialists in scientific journals around the world about OsteoBiol materials and the results of using this innovative technology.

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