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cordless light-curing lamp

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The Valo light curing lamp offers a unique combination of technology and design!

Find out why Valo has been nominated as the best light curing lamp in the world in 2010:


Efficient curing

Ultradent pioneered the implementation of LED technology for light curing. Ultradent lamps have been using this technology since 2003.

The use of LED technology ensures more efficient polymerisation of restorative materials using traditional light curing agents.

Valo has incorporated a unique, innovative technology that allows efficient polymerisation of materials containing the latest generation of photo-initiators.


Power and efficiency

Valo has three working modes: 1000mW (Standard), 1400mW (High Power) and 3000mW (Plasma Emulation), providing the power needed for fast, safe and efficient light curing. A short curing time prevents the risk of overheating dental tissue. VALO being a wired lamp, it has the same maximum power every time it is used, unlike battery operated lamps, where the power varies with the level of battery charge.

Full curing

Valo is equipped with 4 LEDs, covering an extra-wide wavelength spectrum: 395-480nm. Thus Valo can fully cure all types of light-curable composite resins, regardless of whether they contain classical or modern photo-initiators. Aesthetic, enamel-type composite resins contain modern photo-initiators, which are not light-cured by conventional LED lamps!

Concentrated power

The light emitted by Valo is concentrated through a special lens, resulting in a focused, compact, homogeneous beam with high and uniform power, even at a distance of 10mm. Ordinary lamps lose 70% of their power at less than 10mm, the light dissipates.


See here the differences between the light beam of the Valo lamp vs other lamps on the market.

Valo lamps


Other lamps



The slim head of the Valo lamp offers important advantages during use in the cavity. Thus, it is easy to use even in small mouth cavities.


Accessing the surfaces of all teeth is not a problem - the light beam can always be emitted at the correct 85° angle. With a conventional light guide, access to the back teeth is often a problem.

Maximum durability

The Valo lamp body is made from a single piece of solid, high-quality duralumin, the type used in the aircraft industry. It is coated with a sapphire-hard, scratch-resistant Teflon-coating to ensure watertightness. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar fibres (the same material used for bulletproof vests!). The lamp is incredibly durable, making it impossible to accidentally destroy in a dental office.


ZERO maintenance costs

LEDs have an almost unlimited lifetime.

No batteries or other expensive consumables.

As a confirmation of its superior quality and performance, the Valo lamp has received awards from several trade publications, including Dentistry Today, Reality, Dental Product Shopper, Inside Dentistry.

In short, it has been nominated as the best light curing lamp in the world!!!

More details, technical information and user reviews can be found here.

Warranty extended to 3 years

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