Diamond-based gum Katana Twist DIA


Diamond polishing gum for finishing and polishing zirconium restorations

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Diamond-based gum Katana Twist DIA
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Diamond-based gum Katana Twist DIA
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Diamond-based gum Katana Twist DIA
1303-IP 62 RON
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Katana Twist DIA is a 3-step finishing system for zirconia restorations.


Katana Twist DIA gums contain diamond particles for a faster, better and more effective polish.


Three steps, three gums:

- coarse (burgundy)

- medium (brown)

- fine (beige)


For best results, it is recommended that you start with the coarse (most abrasive) polish, continue with the medium abrasive polish, and create the final polish with the fine polish.


Technical data:


Recommended rotation speed: 7.000 - 10.000 rpm

Maximum rotation speed: 20.000 rpm


- Easy polishing process thanks to the 3 types of polishing wheels

- the polishing gum is reusable

- contains diamond particles

- autoclavable

- flexible


Indications: polishing of zirconium restorations (full-contour/monolithic)

Available size: Ø 14 mm

Presentation: one piece

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