FibreKleer Tapered refill 10 pieces


Pre-silanized fiberglass posts, anatomically shaped taper and 4x radio-opacity

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FibreKleer Tapered refill 10 pieces
Size: 1.25 mm
N83BA 105.01 RON
FibreKleer Tapered refill 10 pieces
Size: 1.375 mm
N83BB 105.01 RON
FibreKleer Tapered refill 10 pieces
Size: 1.5 mm
N83BC 105.01 RON
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Pre-silanized fiberglass posts used to rebuild the bridge (anchor it to the root) for prosthetic restoration of devitalized teeth.

The resin matrix ensures good adhesion with resin luting materials.

Together with the root and the cement, it creates a monoblock to support the crown restoration.

Excellent radio-opacity = 400% Al

FibreKleer Tapered are transparent and aesthetic, have a dentin-like elasticity module (thus eliminating any risk of root fracture), have increased compressive and bending resistance.

The conical shape is more anatomically shaped, allowing root canal preparation with minimal removal of intact tissue.

Posts are colour coded according to size: black - 1.25mm, purple - 1.375mm, green - 1.5mm.

Presentation: box with 10 posts

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