AsaDental Luxators set 4 pieces


Instruments for non-traumatic dental extractions

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The ideaLuxators are non-traumatic instruments which, thanks to the sharp-edged blade, cut the periodontal ligaments finely and precisely, limiting damage to adjacent tissues and preventing possible fractures that could occur during tooth extraction from the socket. Thus, the patient will be satisfied, even in the case of invasive interventions, such as tooth extractions.

The set contains 4 luxators: 0280-3R (3mm straight), 0280-3C (3mm curved), 0280-5R (5mm straight), 0280-5C (5mm curved).


+ ensures non-traumatic tooth extraction

+ the sharp tip helps preserve adjacent gum and bone during extraction, which becomes controlled, precise, minimizing the risk of fracture

+ ergonomic handle design for precise control

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AsaDental Luxators
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Instruments for non-traumatic dental extractions

AsaDental Luxators

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