GC G-Premio Bond bulk 5ml


Universal single-component, self-demineralising, light-curing adhesive

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That's why GC has developed G-Premio BOND: a universal, one-component adhesive, compatible with all types of demineralisation, which can be used not only for direct adhesion, but also in cases requiring repair or for the treatment of hypersensitivity.

In addition, GC wants to offer this simplicity of use and versatility without an impact on the quality of adhesion.

G-Premio BOND offers the advantages of a universal adhesive with top performance in any situation.

G-Premio BOND offers unique features that help dentists achieve:

- Zero compromise in performance

- Zero failed adhesions

With excellent bond strength to both enamel and dentin, regardless of the type of demineralisation, and excellent stability, G-Premio BOND ensures a durable bond over time thanks to a combination of three functional monomers.

- Zero discolouration

With perfect penetration and wetting ability, as well as an efficient drying process, G-Premio BOND offers an extremely thin film thickness of only 3µm to guarantee long-lasting aesthetics.

- Zero post-operative sensitivity

Gentle effect on dentinal tubules in case of self-demineralisation and complete infiltration of the bonding agent in case of total demineralisation due to optimal wetting.

- Zero compromise in handling

- Zero mistakes

Thanks to a simple process with very low sensitivity in terms of processing technique, G-Premio BOND offers adequate adhesion strength even when the waiting time is not respected.

- Zero problems - With a working time of 7 minutes, G-Premio BOND allows working without time pressure. It also offers a versatile and easy-to-use solution in one bottle.

- Zero waste - With a total procedure time of 25s for self-demineralisation and 35s for selective or total demineralisation, time is saved and optimised dosing control helps save material with small drops - up to 300.

Presentation: 5ml bottle

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