Dyract XP Refill 5 single-dose


Light-curing compomer for aesthetic restorations with caries prevention effect

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Dyract XP Refill 5 single-dose
Colour: A2
60604275 117 RON
Dyract XP Refill 5 single-dose
Colour: A3
60604276 117 RON
Dyract XP Refill 5 single-dose
Colour: A3.5
60604277 117 RON
Dyract XP Refill 5 single-dose
Colour: B1
117 RON
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Dyract eXtra has been successfully replaced by Dyract XP material, which offers the same advantages and benefits as its predecessor. Dentsply has come to the rescue by simplifying the shade system and proposing only 4 shades: A2, A3, A3.5 and B1, which also replaced the Dyract eXtra shades A4, B3, C2, C3, O-A2, O-B3, as follows:


Dyract XP is a light-curing restoration compomer for both anterior and posterior areas.


Dyract XP has special properties due to the unique patented DENTSPLY combination of fluoride filler and modified monomers.


Fillings made with Dyract XP continuously release fluoride ions and act as a "buffer" for acids along the interface with tooth structure. Laboratory tests have confirmed the local carious effect. In clinical studies on periodontal fillings, the longevity of those made with Dyract eXtra have been shown to have incomparable results.


Dyract XP fillings are the logical and immediate choice for patients with poor oral hygiene and high caries risk (obviously together with the necessary prophylactic measures).


Dyract XP can be used successfully with even the fastest adhesive systems. This has been documented by studies on cervical fillings.


Advantages and benefits:


- short hold time for quick and easy procedures


- easy to handle and adapt to the cavity


- easy polishing and finishing for aesthetic results


- excellent durability


- continuous fluoride release


- extended working time for clinician comfort


Dyract eXtra, the previous material, has been an undeniable success, with more than 220 million units sold, making it one of the most popular materials in the world. The impressive results are proven by 45 clinical studies, more than 500 scientific publications and 17 years of successful use in dental clinics.


Presentation: 1 sheet 5 unidose

Available shades: A2, A3

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