Premature contact indication fluid - alternative to occlusion spray

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Colour: BLUE
BK87 113 RON
Colour: RED
BK86 113 RON
Colour: WHITE
BK85 113 RON
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Arti-Spot 1 - Code BK 85 - White liquid, suitable for noble alloys (gold)

Arti-Spot 2 - Code BK 86 - Red coloured liquid, indicated for ceramics

Arti-Spot 3 - Code BK 87 - Blue coloured liquid, indicated for friction (on metal)

Arti-Spot is a contact liquid for checking the accuracy of positioning of crowns, inlays, onlays, telescopes and crocks, and areas of friction. Arti-Spot is applied to the desired surface with a brush.

The solvent evaporates quickly, leaving a 3μ thick layer of pigment. Each contact destroys the pigment film exactly at the point of contact.

Arti-Spot can be used to check premature contacts on highly polished occlusal surfaces (gold, ceramic).

The food dye contained in Arti-Spot is completely safe.

Arti-Spot is easily removed after use by warm water, brushing, alcohol, steam. Traces on plaster can be removed with a fine brush.



Presentation: 15ml bottle

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