GC Fuji Plus set A3 15g powder + 7ml liquid


Resin-improved glass ionomer cement

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- Outstanding performance due to the combination of a resin and a glass ionomer and the different colours available make GC Fuji Plus a multi-purpose cement that can be used for all modern cementing procedures.

- The GC Fuji Plus EWT variant has an extended working time for cementing full bridges, special systems and multiple restorations in one go.

- Easy mixing and handling, similar to conventional cements.

- Mechanical properties similar to resin-based cements.

- Intrinsic adhesion to tooth structure to eliminate complicated and moisture-sensitive adhesive techniques.

- Good adhesion to metal, acrylic resins and silanized ceramics and therefore the product has multiple indications.

- Reduced film thickness for easy placement and improved fit.

- No post-operative sensitivity for patient comfort.

- Very low solubility for sustained marginal sealing.

- Radiopacity to facilitate diagnosis.

- In combination with GC Fuji Plus Conditioner, leads to optimal marginal sealing.

Indications: multi-purpose cement capable of fixing restorations with support


A3 shade kit:

- 15g powder

- 7ml liquid

- 6.5ml conditioner

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