Panavia V5 refill 4.6ml syringe


Universal, dual-cure, fluoride-releasing, aesthetically pleasing and colour-stable resin cement

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Panavia V5 refill 4.6ml syringe
Colour: BROWN
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Panavia V5 refill 4.6ml syringe
Colour: CLEAR
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Panavia V5 refill 4.6ml syringe
Colour: OPAQUE
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Panavia V5 refill 4.6ml syringe
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Panavia V5 refill 4.6ml syringe
Colour: WHITE
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One Cement. All the works. Surface conditioning in one step.


Imagine cementing all your prosthetic work with one predictable procedure. No stress when it comes to cementing a zirconia crown, and no complicated steps in the instructions for use. With the revolutionary Panavia V5, it's now possible!


Panavia V5 is (so far) the strongest cement on the market, patented by Kuraray Noritake. Available in 5 shades, even for the most demanding aesthetic requirements.


These advantages offer the possibility of a new type of dentistry, where you can be confident in your cementing procedures. And the patients? They will surely be impressed by the truly extraordinary and long-lasting results.


34 years of experience with the monomer that changed the world: The original MDP, patented since 1981 by Kuraray Noritake Dental. Kuraray invented the original MDP monomer in 1981 to improve adhesion to hydroxyapatite. The world's first composite cement, Panavia EX with MDP monomer, was launched two years later. And so began the legendary story of the PANAVIA brand. Since then, Panavia has become synonymous with reliable adhesion!


In addition to its adhesion strength to hydroxyapatite, the original MDP monomer has enhanced adhesion to metals and zirconium. Some manufacturers have recently started using MDP monomer in a few adhesive products, but it is one of the most difficult materials to produce. And especially creating a superior quality MDP monomer. (see graph) It would take decades of research into MDP monomer, so not all dental materials containing MDP produce long-lasting treatments.


The original MDP monomer, from Kuraray Noritake, still proves to be the most durable hydroxyapatite (HAp) adhesive, which is the fundamental secret to the performance of Panavia V5 cement.

Bonding strength to dentine:


Exceptional handling. Predictable procedure.

Easy to apply. Quick release. Easy to clean.

Easy handling is the key to a predictable cementing procedure. Applying cement, inserting work and cleaning up excess are just a few examples where Panavia V5 makes your job easier.


1. sandblast/abraze the inside of the prosthetic work and apply the primer (Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus)


2. apply the adhesive to the tooth (Panavia V5 Tooth Primer)


3. apply Panavia V5 cement directly from the syringe. That's it! Thanks to the syringe with self-mixing tips, the procedure will be quick, simple and precise. With the optimal consistency of the cement, you can position the denture exactly where you want it. Excess cement can be cleaned up in seconds. As a final step, light cure the cement to create a durable seal.




The secrets behind the performance of Panavia V5 MDP Original.

Polymerisation technology. Amine-free*.

*amines required for chemical/auto curing


Panavia V5 is our first composite cement whose dental adhesive is in one bottle. With this unique combination you can achieve strong bonds, similar to the gold standard in bonding: Clearfil SE BOND adhesive. At the same time, Panavia V5 is also proven to be an aesthetic cement.

Let's take a look at the secrets behind Panavia V5's strong bond and unrivalled aesthetics. From the moment the cement comes into contact with Panavia V5 Tooth Primer the polymerisation process accelerates. We call this process grip-to-touch. This innovation leads to an extremely high degree of polymerisation. The original MDP monomer in Panavia V5 Tooth Primer together with Clearfil Ceramic Primer Plus ensures a durable bond to the tooth as well as to the denture. Or even to implant abutments.

For exceptional aesthetics the cement shade must be stable. Unfortunately, many conventional composite cements fade/pigment over time. In order to maintain the stable shade of Panavia cement, no amines (commonly used for the chemical/auto curing process) are used in its composition. This way the restorations will keep their natural looking aesthetics.

The best cementing strategies


To have the best cementing strategies you need the best information available. And with Panavia V5, to simplify the process you only need one chart.

panavia-grafic-2-3.jpg panavia-grafic-4.jpg

Clinical indications:


cementing of various prosthetic works:

- crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays

- veneers

- adhesive bridges and splints

- prosthetic restorations on implant abutments or substructures

- posts, DCRs, RCRs




Technical data:

Inorganic filler: weight 61% (volume 38%)

Bending resistance: 127 Mpa

Module of elasticity: 6.3 GPa

Compression resistance: 310 Mpa

Water absorption: 21 µg/mm³

Cement film thickness: 12 µm

Radio-opacity: 180% AL

Fluoride release (28 days): 58 µg/g

Working time (23°C): 2 min



Presentation: 8.1g syringe (4.6 ml) + 20 applicator tips

Available shades: Universal (A2), Clear, Opaque



 Warning: Panavia V5 is a resin cement that only works in conjunction with the Panavia V5 Tooth Primer amelo-dental adhesive system.


Follow the instructions for use


to convince yourself of the bonding strength:

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