Panavia SA Universal bulk syringe 4.6ml


Universal, self-adhesive, dual-cure, fluoride-releasing composite cement

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Panavia SA Universal bulk syringe 4.6ml
Colour: A2
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Panavia SA Universal bulk syringe 4.6ml
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The fastest and easiest way to achieve durable cementation of restorations - crowns, inlays, onlays, posts and even bridges - made of ceramic, composite resins, dental alloys and zirconium



- Adheres to ceramics without the prior use of a primer

- in addition to Kuraray's patented MDP monomer (which creates a chemical bond to enamel, dentin, metal alloys and zirconium), it also contains the unique LCSi monomer, which creates a very strong chemical bond to porcelain, lithium disilicate and composite resins

- 40% vol filler

- radio-opaque

- excess material is easily removed

- gentle on gums


Durably cements any restoration, regardless of material! (break resistant)

Panavia SA Cement Plus can be used for almost any indirect work, even single-extension crowns. As for the aesthetics of the cement, the A2 shade is improved and the translucent shade is new, which offers aesthetic freedom.

And thanks to the original MDP monomer technology, patented since 1981 by Kuraray Dental, light-curing and dual cure time is reduced by half, providing superior adhesion to any substrate.

The technological "cocktail" helps to achieve the best possible


A technological "cocktail" ensures rapid dual cement bonding, creating a durable seal. When hydrophilic setting initiators come into contact with dentin moisture, the chemical/self setting reaction is accelerated.

Superior adhesion to materials when subjected to shear effect

Choose to work with products with scientifically proven functionality and technology. In various studies conducted by Kuraray Dental Inc., PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal shows the highest shear strength values.


Presentation: 4.6ml automix syringe

Available shades: translucid and universal (A2)

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