Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe


Test paste for choosing and checking the optimum shade of Choice 2 cement

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Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
Colour: A1
C-412A1P 99 RON
Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
Colour: A2
C-412A2P 99 RON
Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
Colour: A3
C-412A3P 99 RON
Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
Colour: B1
C-412B1P 99 RON
Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
C-412MBP 99 RON
Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
C-412MOP 99 RON
Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
C-412OPP 99 RON
Choice 2 Try-in refill 2g syringe
C-412TRP 99 RON
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Choice 2 is a light-curing, high compression resistant resin based cement specifically designed for adhesive cementation of veneers and all-ceramic or composite crowns (indirect restorations). An essential objective in cementing porcelain veneers is to achieve superior aesthetics. Choice 2 is available in a variety of shades (Vita, as well as chromatic shades), providing the flexibility needed to meet the aesthetic demands of the front area.


Choice 2 has exceptional characteristics, essential for the success of a ceramic veneer restoration: colour stability and strength, cement layer thickness, light-curing. To confirm that the chosen cement shade is the most suitable, you can use the corresponding "try-in" pastes (available separately). Basically, they imitate cement both in terms of consistency/thickness of the film and chromatically, but without having adhesive characteristics.




Physical properties:


- Cement strength: is given by specific physical properties: compression resistance (329 MPa) and hardness (85 Rockwell). A very high compression resistance prevents cracks after cementation, caused by the difference in hardness of the veneer, cement and dental tissue. High hardness and compression resistance ensure durability and resistance to the stresses and forces that are applied to ceramic veneers on a daily basis.


- Colour stability: prevents shade pigmentation over time. The stability of Choice 2 cement is given by the way it cures - strictly photo. The amines found in self/dual cure resins are usually aromatic tertiary amines that oxidise very easily, leading to pigmentation of the resin in a relatively short time. Studies have confirmed that Choice 2 shows a Delta E colour change of less than 1.2. Any value less than 3 is not detectable by the human eye.


- The cement layer has an ideal thickness (22 microns) for precise and easy adaptation of the facets to the dental abutments.

Figure 1 - Five well-known cements exposed to accelerated ageing were used in this study. Delta E (ΔE) measurements were compared to determine the degree of colour change. The ΔE value for Choice 2 was 1.2. Any ΔE value less than 3 is not detected by the human eye. As expected, not all cements performed very well.


Figure 2 - Rockwell hardness test was performed to determine compression resistance. Choice 2 demonstrated superior hardness and high compression resistance. Choice 2 cemented veneers are fracture resistant. Information provided by Dr Nasser Barghi, University of Texas at San Antonio




Presentation: 2g try-in syringe


Shades available: A1, A2, A3, B1, B3, Translucent, Universal Opaque, Milky Opaque, Milky Bright


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