Breeze 4ml syringe


Self-adhesive dual-cure resin cement

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Breeze 4ml syringe
Colour: A2
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Breeze 4ml syringe
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Breeze 4ml syringe
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Breeze is a resinous, self-adhesive, dual-setting cement resulting from advanced technology.

Breeze provides one of the strongest retentions available for a self-adhesive cement.

Available in a syringe with self-mixing tips to deliver a homogeneous, perfectly mixed paste and predictable, reproducible results every time

Breeze is suitable for:

crown and bridge cementation, inlays, composite onlays, intergral ceramic, metal-ceramic

cementing glass fibre reinforced composite posts

cementation of titanium, titanium alloys, stainless steel and zirconium pins

Easy cleaning thanks to the intermediate gel phase: simply light cure briefly for 1-2 seconds and remove excess cement more easily

It is a self-adhesive cement - it adheres to dentin and enamel without the need for a prior adhesive system

Presentation: 4ml syringe with self-mixing tips included

Available shades: A2, transparent, opaque white.

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