BisCem 8g syringe


Dual-cure, self-adhesive, universal resin cement

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BisCem 8g syringe
Colour: OPAQUE
D-45012P 278 RON
BisCem 8g syringe
D-45011P 278 RON
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Used to cement crowns, bridges, inlay, onlay, dental posts (prefabricated, cast, fiberglass / carbon )

BisCem is very easy to use.

BisCem does not require that the surface on which it is applied be treated (engraving / demineralization, primer, bonding / adhesive). All these stages are no longer necessary. Additionally, BisCem releases fluoride, is radio-opaque and confers the most resistant adhesion ( for a self-adhesive resin cement ) on any common dental material.


Try BisCem and you will get quality results whilst saving time. BisCem simplifies procedures.

- eliminates the need to apply a demineralizer, primer, bonding

- universal cement

- radio-opaque

- it can be easily cleaned

- the thickness of the layer is ideal – 22 microns


 Cementation of indirect restorations from:

- crowns, bridges, inlay, onlay of noble / non-nobble alloys (including metal-ceramic and composite-ceramic)

- crowns, bridges, inlay, resin onlay ( composite, acrylate )

- metal posts ( prefabricated or cast - RCRs ), fiberglass / carbon

- crowns, bridges, inlay, ceramic / porcelain onlay ( including aluminium and zirconium )


The best cement in its class

BisCem - dentin adherence


BisCem - metal adherence


BisCem - composite adherence


BisCem - porcelaine adherence


Cement thickness


NOTE: for aesthetic porcelain veneers cementations, the use of  Choice 2 is recommended

Available shades: opaque and translucent

Presentation: 8g double syringe + mixing tips

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