Tuff Temp Plus syringe + Bonus: Glaze


Material for crowns and temporary, direct-made, durable bridges. Advanced chemical formula: rubber-urethane resin

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Tuff Temp Plus syringe + Bonus: Glaze
Colour: A1
TTP5A1 165.01 RON
Tuff Temp Plus syringe + Bonus: Glaze
Colour: A2
TTP5A2 165.01 RON
Tuff Temp Plus syringe + Bonus: Glaze
Colour: A3
TTP5A3 165.01 RON
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Resin for temporary restorations: veneers, crowns and bridges

Improved chemical formula: Tuff Temp Plus rubber-urethane resin is a tough, shrinkage- and distortion-free material that adheres intimately to hard tooth structures. 


- Dual cure

- Virtually eliminates any risk of fracture or disintegration of cement

- Mills easily, does not load the drill

- Generates powder, does not chip nor does it shatter or distort. The resulting marginal edges are a perfect fit.

- The light-curing option produces restorations with maximum strength and is ideal for the transparent impression material technique.

- The resistance of Tuff Temp Plus material to bending and tearing is very high, without being brittle or crumbly. Tear deformation, the key indicator of physical strength, is 50-100% higher than that of a bisacrylate.


Main characteristics:

+ tough and resilient

+ fracture and impact resistant

+ intimate fit and secure adhesion to hard dental tissue

+ very low risk of breakage or disintegration of cement

+ easy to grind without distortion or "softening"

+ edges fit perfectly

+ does not load the milling cutters

+ self-curing with photo quick-cure option

+ improved aesthetics

+ accelerated setting time and snap-set

+ natural fluorescence

Tuff-Temp Plus Glaze - Light Cure Varnish

Light-curing varnish for aesthetic enhancement - natural gloss, similar to mechanical polish. Seals the restoration for colour durability.

For connoisseurs: the glass transition temperature (Tg) is the temperature at which a polymer changes from a hard form, like glass, to an elastic form, like rubber. Bisacrylics have a lower Tg than rubber-urethane. The heat produced during milling and finishing of the temporary restoration leads to a "softening" of the bisacrylate, distorting the edges and loading the rotating tools (milling cutters). Tuff-Temp Plus chemistry, based on rubber-urethane, has a higher Tg temperature, which means that this material is not affected by the heat generated during milling and finishing. The result is a marginally more accurate and better fit.

Patented rubber-urethane chemical formula. A synthetic rubber molecule has been introduced inside the dimethacrylate-diurethane. The result is a harder, more impact-resistant material with increased dimensional stability. The temporary restoration fits more intimately, seats better and is more resistant to fracture.

Presentation: Promotional package containing: 5ml Tuff Temp Plus  syringe + Tuff Temp Plus Glaze 3ml

Available shades: A1, A2 or A3

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