Katana STML 22mm zirconium disc


Zirconium disc, Super Translucent Multi Layer, for posterior and anterior crowns

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Katana STML 22mm zirconium disc
Colour: A1
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Katana STML 22mm zirconium disc
Colour: A2
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Katana STML 22mm zirconium disc
Colour: A3
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Katana STML 22mm zirconium disc
Colour: B1
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Katana STML 22mm zirconium disc
Colour: NW
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Zirconium  is a material with excellent mechanical properties, which is why it has become an increasingly popular solution for restoring posterior teeth (fullcontour/monolithic) or for ceramic frameworks for bridges and crowns.

Zirconium  being conventionally less transparent than ceramics (disilicate/feldspathic), has so far been limited in use for the anterior area.

The new range of Katana ST and UT zirconium from Noritake, thanks to its superior translucency, changes the conventional view of zirconium, opening the way to potential new ways of using it in aesthetic dentistry. Katana ST/UT zirconia has different levels of translucency and mechanical properties depending on the applications for which they are recommended.

Choose the right zirconia according to the table below:


Katana ST/UT zirconia has superior mechanical characteristics to ceramic materials (disilicate/feldspathic). In order to achieve durable restorations, the thickness of the zirconia must remain equivalent to the thickness at which ceramic materials are used. For details see Katana ST/UT brochure Katana ST/UT brosura Katana ST/UT


Sintering programs


 The above sintering recommendations are general. Depending on the furnace used, the settings can be adjusted. If the furnace you are using cannot be set to the 54 or 90 minute sintering program, use another program.

KATANA multi-layer zirconium discs, known for fast Full-Contour/Monolithic restorations, are now sinterable in 90 minutes (in fast sintering furnaces*) *Tested for AUSTROMAT 674i, inFire HTC speed and Sintra Plus furnaces; valid for Katana ML/HT, STML/UTML zirconia discs.

STML Zirconium - Super Translucent Multi Layer

Super transparent zirconium - 49%, MultiLayer technology: colour and graded translucency

The use of a material with a single layer of translucency can result in restorations with a hint of grey due to the shade effect of the dental blunt. STML zirconium has both translucency and colour saturation graded from incisal to cervical. As with natural teeth, STML zirconium possesses less of a translucency in the cervical area, in order to minimise the potential effect of the shade of the dental blunt. The colour grading is similar to that in the colour guide for enamel and dentin reproduction.

Multi-Layer Technology Noritake Katana ML (Multi-Layer) are the first polychromatic, multi-layer zirconia discs, ideal for quickly achieving natural-looking, Full-Contour/Monolithic restorations.

It is a zirconium with superior aesthetics, similar to natural teeth, achieved due to the gradation of translucency and shade saturation from the collar of the tooth to the incisal.

The disc is made up of several overlapping, pre-shaded layers with gradual translucency, each representing dentin, enamel and transition areas respectively. The layers are evenly interwoven, with no visible boundary lines.

1. 35% dentin layer (of disc thickness)

2. transition layer 1 15%.

3. transition layer 2 15% (15%)

4. enamel layer 35%

Thus, a restoration similar to natural teeth is achieved quickly and with remarkable results.



Flexural strength and translucency








Diameter: 98.5mm

Thickness: 22mm

Stock-available shades: A1, A2, A3, NW

For more information please check the user's guide (Ghidul de utilizare)

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