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Teeth whitening

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Kit Opalescence,home kit...
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Teeth whitening kit for the home: wear for 4-6 hours/a night

Kit Opalescence,home kit for teeth whitening (PF 16%, 8 syringes)

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Opalescence Endo 35% bulk...
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Hydrogen peroxide 35% for whitening devitalised teeth

Opalescence Endo 35% bulk 1.2ml syringe

Price lei238.00
Opalescence home whitening...
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Mild action home whitening kit: wear 8-10 hours/night

Opalescence home whitening kit (PF 10% Kit 8 syringes)

Price lei334.00
Opalescence Quick PF 45%...
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Carbamide peroxide 45% for fast teeth whitening "whitening in the waiting room"

Opalescence Quick PF 45% Kit 4 syringes

Price lei378.00
Sof-Tray mouthguard sheets...
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Transparent mouthguard sheets recommended for whitening

Sof-Tray mouthguard sheets - normal size

Price lei8.00
Sof-Tray mouthguard sheets...
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Transparent mouthguard sheets; recommended in the case of severe bruxism or various applications

Sof-Tray mouthguard sheets - normal thickness

Price lei14.00
Opalescence Boost 40%...
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Hydrogen peroxide 40% - gel for professional ''in-office'' teeth whitening

Opalescence Boost 40% Refill 1.2ml

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LC Block-Out Resin bulk...
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Light-curing resin for undercutting block-outs and spacings for mouthguards

LC Block-Out Resin bulk 1.2ml syringe

Price lei42.00
Opalescence PF 16% Mini Kit...
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4 syringe kit for home use - 4-6 hours wearing time

Opalescence PF 16% Mini Kit 4 syringes

Price lei146.00
i-BLOCK LC rasina block-out...

i-BLOCK LC rasina block-out seringa 3.8g

Price lei48.00