Products purchased through TERRA DENT are new, in original packaging and benefit from warranty, according to the legal provisions in force and the commercial policies of the manufacturers. The warranty period starts from the moment the product is invoiced.

The warranty is valid only in Romania, unless otherwise specified in the commercial warranty certificate.

In addition to any other warranties provided by applicable laws and detailed in the warranty certificate issued by the Manufacturer/Importer or Seller, it warrants the Buyer against any non-conformity that may affect all or part of the goods and services, except normal wear and tear, for a period from the date of issue of the sales invoice, according to the warranty certificate. Exception is made for consumables, which are not covered by the warranty.

The Buyer is fully responsible for the setting up and use of the products, according to the instructions provided in the documentation supplied by the manufacturer/importer, the Seller providing warranty only for production deficiencies or in case of non-conformity with the technical specifications presented on the site or, as the case may be, in the specific documentation.

For more information on the return of products in the event of a claim of non-conformity of the products, please refer to the section "Return of products". In the event of unjustified warranty claims, the Seller reserves the right to oblige the Buyer to pay the cost of the product diagnostic work and the corresponding transport fees.

Products purchased through this site benefit from the warranty given by each brand. Thus, each product will be accompanied by the manufacturer's warranty certificate (where applicable).

The warranty cannot be invoked in the event of improper or incorrect use of the product. Within 12 hours after delivery of the product, in the event of any malfunction, the customer may request our company to return the product(s), only in the original packaging and together with the original documents of the respective order. In this case, the customer can have the product replaced with an identical one or - if this is not possible - receive back the amount paid for the product. The return and transport costs will be borne by the Consumer.