Micro-Medica 15mm carbon disc


CAD-CAM carbon fiber disc

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THE FIRST 100% carbon fibre disc for CAD-CAM systems!

Micro-Medica's carbon fibre CAD-CAM discs are made with a new technology: more than 100 layers stacked, pressed and oriented to ensure excellent mechanical performance.


- new technology combined with the use of unique innovative materials

- It is the lightest prosthesis material - only 1.7g/cm specific weight

- Extremely resistant to breakage. The possibility to use these carbon fibre discs in the most modern milling/drilling machines makes this product the PERFECT material for the dental structures of the future.

SEM images inside the cabon disc

SEM images made by Nobil Bio Researche Asti show that the disc is extremely compact inside, without any trace of imperfections. Successive layers of carbon fibre are pressed with a special machine, which applies a pressure of 20 tons, allowing a large number of layers to be compressed in an extremely small space.


Disc sizes: 98 x 15 mm

Please contact us for more information on other sizes

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