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Honigum Pro Heavy bulk 2x50ml


Addition silicone with high rigidity after setting 

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Extraordinary stability and flowability

Precise detail

Extreme hydrophilicity

Convenient working time with DMG’s rapid “snap-set” technology

Maximum tear strength

Dynamic viscosity when placed under pressure

Well suited for implant impressions

The combined exceptional tear strength and resistance to breakage ensures effective removal of the impression, preventing the need for retakes, including for prosthetic implant restorations.

Convenient processing thanks to "Snap-Set" technology

Generous working time combined with a short intraoral setting time provide unbeatable results thanks to DMG's "Snap-Set" technology. The convenient working time minimizes stress, while the short setting time helps prevent distortions and inaccuracies because of micro-movements, reduced with faster cross linking.

Patient Benefit: The shorter intraoral setting time means greater comfort to patients during treatment.

Dentist Benefit: Dynamic viscosity results in superior impressions, with more working time for better control.

 Honigum Pro's unique characteristics of unparalleled flowability and outstanding stability means that Honigum Pro flows when it needs to flow. The premium quality of the impression material results in maximum precision with mess-free handling, no drips during insertion and no inadvertent material run-off, either from the preparation or from the impression tray.

Of the impression materials tested, Honigum Pro Heavy in combination with Honigum Pro Light, demonstrated the best flow behavior in moist conditions of the area of the subgingival preparation line in an artificial sulcus. This is due to the combination of improved hydrophilic properties and unique rheological behavior.

Honigum Pro Heavy's innovative silicone addition backing has been specifically designed for all two-stage impression techniques. Its unique feature is the extraordinarily high stiffness it acquires after curing. Because of this extraordinary holding power, it is recommended by the Branemark Institute for implant impressions.

Honigum Pro Heavy is easy to section and adapt if the creation of discharge trenches is desired. These are necessary in certain corrective impression techniques in order to achieve optimal reproduction of detail when reintroducing the impression into the oral cavity. Ideal for implantology impressions, Honigum Pro Heavy is very rigid after insertion and prevents twisting.

In case of combined treatments: implants and natural teeth, the double-mix impression technique is recommended: Honigum Pro Heavy together with Honigum Pro Light. For implant impressions, Honigum Pro Heavy should be used alone as a single-phase impression material.


Technical details:

Working time: 2:45 min

Setting time : 3:15 min

Size modifications after 24h: max. 0.4%

Setting contraction: max. 0.5%

Presentation mode:

Bulk set: 2 cartridges x 50ml, 6 green mixing tips

The product is compatible with the  50 1:1 applicator gun


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