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Honigum Pro Putty Soft 450ml+450ml


Addition silicone for hand mixing 

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Impression material based on addition curing silicones. The material is available as a hand mix version, in the pre-filled MixStar cartridge which is suitable for use with other types of mixing machines.

As far as indications of use go, this material can be used for crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions.

DMG's snap-set technology allows the user to benefit from a comfortable working time and reduced curing time in the oral cavity. The working time is sufficient to reduce the rush and stress of mixing to a minimum. Due to short curing, distortion and deformation that can occur during dental impression is eliminated. For the patient, the shorter the time the impression material stays in the oral cavity, the greater the level of comfort felt.

The polysiloxane vinyl material provides unique fluidity and extraordinary stability under light pressure.


It is ideal to use this putty together with Honigum Pro Light fluid, with the double mixing technique or corrective imprinting.


- extraordinary stability and fluidity 

- optimal behaviour when in moist, humid environments 

- convenient working time 

- heightened toughness 

- maximal precision 

Technical details:

Working time: 1:45 min

Setting time: 3:15 min

Size modifications after 24h: max. 0.5%

Setting contractions: max. 0.6%


Putty: 450ml base + 450ml catalyst, dosing spoons 


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