Silagum Putty Soft set 315ml+315ml


Base mass based on addition silicones; for hand mixing 

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Base mass based on addition silicones.


Impressions for crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays 


Mixing time 0:30 min 0:30 min

Total working time (including mixing time) 1:45 min 1:15 min

Setting time (in the mouth) 3:30 min 2:30 min

Size modifications after 24h under 0.5% under 0.5%

Setting contraction under 0.7% under 0.7%


Easy dosage

- Excellent recovery after deformation

- Easy removal from the mouth

- Exceptional kneadability

- Superb dimensional stability

- Especially suited for two-phase impressions with Silagum-Light/Fast

Available packaging: 2 x 315 ml

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