Honigum Pro Mono bulk 2x50 ml


Addition silicone for monophasic impressions 

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Honigum Pro Mono is an innovative fluid addition silicone, combining excellent flow properties with exceptional stability on preparations.

Honigum Pro Mono was developed specifically for the single-phase impression technique - obtaining precision impressions in a single step.

The polysiloxane vinyl material provides unique fluidity and extraordinary stability under light pressure.

Honigum Pro Mono is based on the same extraordinary patented DMG technology - rheologically active matrix. Thus, it is very stable, but at the same time very fluid and precise under light pressure.

This results in precise and stable impressions with a single impression material in a single viscosity.

Honigum Pro Mono

- Medium consistency

- Monophase material

- Precise and easy to remove

- Optimal flowability

- High tear strength

produse noi DMG mono.jpg


- incredible stability and fluidity 

- optimal behaviour in humid environments/conditions 

- convenient working time 

- easy removal

- extreme toughness

- maximal precision

Technical details:

Working time: 2:45 min

Setting time: >3:15 min

Size modifications after 24h: max. 0.4%

Setting contractions: max. 0.35%


Kit: 2 cartridges x 50ml, 4 applicator tips, 4 intraoral tips


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