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DMG Honigum Pro offer


Fluid set (Honigum Pro Light) and putty (Honigum Pro Putty Soft)

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DMG addition silicone offer: 

Honigum Pro Light is characterised by optimum flow behaviour, even beneath the preparation line. This records all the important details for a perfect-fit restoration – from crowns and bridges to inlays and onlays. Additionally, the material has a very high tear resistance, which guarantees safe removal from the mouth without tearing.

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Extraordinary stability and flowability

Precise detail

Extreme hydrophilicity

Convenient working time with DMG’s rapid “snap-set” technology

Maximum tear strength

Dynamic viscosity when placed under pressure

Well suited for implant impressions

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Technical details:

Working time: 2:45 min

Setting time: 3:15 min

Tension modifications after 24h: max. 0.35%

Setting contractions : max. 0.40%

Honigum Pro Putty

- possesses size stability (size modifications after 24h: max. 0.5%), easy to mix and manoeuvre, with results based in time;

- first support material, for automix machines produse-noi-DMG-putty.jpg

Can be used together with Honigum Pro Light, with the double-mix technique or the corrective impression technique.


- extraordinary stability and fluidity 

- optimal in humid conditions and environments 

- convenient working time 

- extreme toughness

- maximal precision

Working time : 1:45 min

Setting time: 3:15 min

Size modifications after 24h: max. 0.5%

Setting contractions: max. 0.6%


Set contains

- Fluid: Honigum Pro Light box 2 x 50ml, 12 yellow applicator tips, 12 intraoral tips 

- Putty: Putty Soft set; containers 450ml base + 450 ml catalyst, 2 dosing spoons 


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