40µ BK17/BK18 Horseshoe articulating paper 150 strips


 Bausch, 40µ, horseshoe articulating paper

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40µ BK17/BK18 Horseshoe articulating paper 150 strips
Colour: BLUE
BK17 158 RON
40µ BK17/BK18 Horseshoe articulating paper 150 strips
Colour: RED
BK18 158 RON
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Bausch articulating paper, 40µ

Product Code: BK 17

Colour: blue

Product Code: BK 18

Colour: red

Presentation: box with 150 strips

Bausch 40μ articulating paper is tear resistant and coated with liquid pigments on both sides. Marks very accurately due to the very low thickness of the material used. This avoids false or blurred contact points. Due to the slightly stronger material, these materials are also available in horseshoe form. Pre-formed paper can be easily applied without forceps or other devices.

All pre-formed horseshoe papers are available in plastic boxes for easy one-handed removal. Preformed horseshoe articulating papers are particularly useful for patients who tend to bite unilaterally during occlusion testing due to decreased resilience. The dentist can immediately detect the preferred side.

Symmetrical marking of all contacts is especially desirable when testing occlusion in the case of full dentures, which are primarily adjusted according to the concept of bilateral balanced occlusion.

Equal marking of a full arch is essential when fitting occlusally. In this respect, Bausch articulating paper, in horseshoe shape, is ideal especially when testing occlusal contacts on wet artificial surfaces.

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