GC everX Posterior refill 15 units


Glass fiber enhanced composite for dentin replacement

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GC everX Posterior is a glass-fibre enhanced composite used for dentin replacement, along with conventional composites such as G-aenial Posterior, used for enamel replacement. The short fibres in everX Posterior make it the perfect substructure for consolidating any composite restoration in large cavities. The fibres will also prevent and stop the propagation of cracks in the filling, which is considered to be the primary cause of restoration failure. Due to its unique properties, GC everX Posterior offers new possibilities for in-office restoration of large cavities and is the solution to the growing demand for an economical restoration alternative for large cavities.

Clinical indications:

Material for the reinforcement of direct composite restorations, especially in large posterior cavities, including:

- Large cavities with 3 or more surfaces requiring restoration.


(Dr. M. Diernaes, Danemarca)

- extended cavities with missing cusps


(Dr. J.Marinova, Bulgaria)

- deep cavities (including class I, II and endodontically treated teeth)


(Dr. R. Veleninov, Bulgaria

- cavities after dental amalgam replacement (especially since amalgam restorations often lead to cracks and fractured cusps)


(Dr. M. Peumans, Bulgaria)

- Inlay and onlay cavities


- Short fibres prevent and stop the propagation of cracks in the restoration and tooth structure

- Fracture strength equivalent to dentin and almost double that of any composite will give the restoration uninterrupted strength Conventional composite substructure - crack propagates through composite filling

ExerX Posterior substructure - crack propagation is stopped

- Horizontal shrinkage at minimum curing, due to the fibres helping reduce shrinkage in the direction of their orientation

- 4-5 mm layers can be cured simultaneously

- Secure adhesion to the final composite layer as well as to the tooth structure


Presentation: refill 15 units

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