SDR Plus Refill 15 Single-doses


Light-curing fluid composite for posterior bulkfill restorations

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SDR Plus Refill 15 Single-doses
Colour: A1
61C106P 310 RON
SDR Plus Refill 15 Single-doses
Colour: A2
61C107P 310 RON
SDR Plus Refill 15 Single-doses
Colour: A3
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SDR Plus Refill 15 Single-doses
61C101P 306 RON
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Composite filling material designed to replace dentin for large class I. and II. cavities. Due to its unique chemistry and wear resistance, the SDR Plus material can also be used for Class III and Class V restorations where no filling material will be used. It can also be used for posterior deciduous teeth, without additional universal composite and in layers up to the level of the occluded surface.

SDR Plus offers a fast and easy alternative for the reconstruction of bridges, thanks to the polymerization depth of 4 mm.


The physical properties of SDR Plus are typical for fluid composite, but the material can be cured in 4 mm layers with minimal curing stress.

The material has self-levelling properties that ensure consistent adaptation to the prepared cavity walls.

It is overlaid with a universal methacrylate-based composite.

SDR® Plus procedure

Red line = adhesion

SDR® Plus material

Coating: Universal composite

Conventional procedure

Red line = adhesion

Fluid material for basic filling

Step 1: Universal composite

Step 2: Universal composite

Step 3: Universal composite



Application in a single layer, up to 4mm (thus eliminating the layering technique);

Excellent adaptation to cavity walls due to self-levelling ability;

Optimum flowability for excellent cavity adaptation;

Chemically compatible with methacrylate-based adhesives and composites;

Reduced working time, fast procedure (up to 60% less curing stress).

Additional possibilities of using SDR® Plus material

Due to its unique chemical composition and improved wear resistance, SDR® Plus material is now approved for use in Class III and Class V restorations, where a curing agent would not be used. This expands the possibilities for use in more restoration classes compared to other flowable materials.

Presentation: 15 sachets x 0.25g SDR Plus

Available shades: A1, A2 and A3 and universal

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