Sonicfill 3 refill


New generation: bulkfill composite with sonic activation

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Sonicfill 3 refill
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Sonicfill 3 refill
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Sonicfill 3 refill
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The SonicFill system includes a KaVo handpiece (available separately) that allows sonic activation of Kerr's specially developed composite presented in a convenient unidirectional form (with built-in applicator cannula). By sonically activating the composite, a specific element of the SonicFill system, the viscosity of the material is significantly reduced during application, allowing the cavity to be filled quickly, efficiently and with a very precise fit to the cavity wall.

SonicFill 3 uniquely combines the attributes of a flowable composite with those of a universal composite, with improved properties for much easier handling than its predecessor SonicFill. It also offers excellent shaping and polishing properties. Sonicfill 3 is a light-curing composite.


All types of cavities in both anterior and posterior areas


Repair of enamel damage, temporary fillings and porcelain restorations

Sealing of fissures and cavities

Cementation of ceramic and composite veneers

Repairs to the base


SonicFill 3 offers the best benefits of flowable and moldable composites at the same time

Can be applied in layers up to 5mm

Improved adaptation to internal walls and marginal areas of the restoration

Better handling, not sticky

Easier to extrude during application

Reduced shrinkage stress for lasting marginal integrity


Proven results. One step further.

Unique, patented technology!

The secret of SonicFill lies in the patented resin filler with special modifiers that react to SonicFill energy applied through the handpiece. When this energy is applied the viscosity decreases to 84%, allowing fast positioning and precise adaptation to the cavity walls. When the SonicFill energy ceases, the composite returns to a more viscous appearance, perfect for sculpting and contouring.

Fewer steps, less chance of getting it wrong!

SonicFill™ 3 replaces time-consuming conventional layering techniques with a SingleFill™ Composite System that eliminates the need for any final lining or coating.

Presentation: 20 single-doses/set

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