LuxaCore Z Dual A3 48g


automatic mixing, dual-cure composite for all types of core build-ups and build-up fillings

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LuxaCore Z-Dual is an automatic mixing, dual-cure composite that has been specially developed for all types of core build-ups and build-up fillings. The cure time can be self-determined due to the option of light curing. It is possible to apply LuxaCore Z-Dual directly using the Intraoral-Tip and the Endo-Tip. The material is radio-opaque

LuxaCore Z has mechanical properties extremely close to those of the natural tooth. No other product in this category can match the performance of LuxaCore Z. The secret lies in DMG's patented technology - an inorganic filler made of a mixture of nano-sized zirconium dioxide particles.

Thanks to this special filler, DMG has succeeded in producing a product that is even superior to the award-winning LuxaCore.

The extraordinary features of this product are: 

- identical grinding behaviour to natural dentine

- very high compressive strength = stability and strength of the restoration under the prosthetic work.

The use of nanotechnology often leads to the agglomeration of particles in the resin matrix, which decreases the homogeneity of the composite and implicitly affects the mechanical properties: compressive strength and grinding behaviour.

DMG's patented nanotechnology prevents this phenomenon from occurring. The particles remain separate, the mixture homogeneous, and the material can benefit from all the advantages nanotechnology offers.

Excellent flowability - guarantees optimal adaptation to root canal walls and posts.

The cement film thickness of only 20 microns is a decisive advantage when using the material for cementing posts (according to ISO 4049 standards, the limit for precision cements is 25 microns).


Cuts like dentine

Extremely high compression strength

Excellent flow properties

Reliable curing

One material for core build-up and cementation

Delivery FormLuxaCore Z-Dual Refill A3 - cartridge 48g

Superior values.

LuxaCore Z-Dual is closer to natural dentin than the competition in terms of cutting ability.

Moreover, the zirconium ratio provides excellent compressive strength.

This ensures superior quality natural restorations - which is also confirmed in the figures, as shown in the graphs below.

Excellent flow properties.

The outstanding flow properties of the material guarantee optimal adaptation to the shape of the cavity walls and the pins.

When used as post cement, the film thickness of only 20 μm is beneficial (the limit for precision cement according to ISO 4049 is 25 μm).

Monoblock = Stability.

Only one material for base build-up and post-cementing - simplifies work and creates reliable restorations.

LuxaCore Z can be used with any pre-silanized post. This fiberglass post has a flexural modulus similar to LuxaCore Z and natural dentin.

The use of a small number of matching materials provides a very stable monobloc. Stresses can be avoided in the sensitive system comprising tooth, post, cement and core build-up material.

Shade : A3

Presentation mode: 48g automix cartridge

Available by delivery in blue and light opaque

Compatible with the  DMG 25 1:1 applicator gun

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