Core-Flo DC Lite Kit


self-levelling dual-cure composite cement for abutment restorations and post cementation

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Reinforced, dual cure (photo and auto) composite for dental blunts restorations and root posts cementings.

Due to superior compression and fracture resistance, restorations with increased durability are achieved.

Additional advantages:

- ideal fluidity for cementing of posts

- superior handling and stability

- does not "leak", unlike other materials for abutment reconstruction

- very low cure-contraction, thus minimising internal tensions

- available in two aesthetic shades (Natural/A1 and Opaque White)

- radio-opaque


Technical details:

- Working/holding time: 1 min/7 min at room temperature

- Compression resistance: 229/259 Mpa

- Bending resistance: 127/93 Mpa

- Radio-opacity: 1.8mm

Presentation: Kit:
- syringe 8g A1/natural
- syringe 8g Opaque White

self-etch dual Universal Primer A&B 6+6ml

- automixing applicator tips

Available also in the Core-Flo version with high viscosity.

Case study:

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