Build-It FR Mini-Mix Kit


Dual cure composite for blunt restorations and post cementations

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Build-It FR Mini-Mix Kit
Colour: A2
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Build-It FR Mini-Mix Kit
Colour: A3
N32FB 412 RON
Build-It FR Mini-Mix Kit
Colour: assorted
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Build-It FR is a composite cement specially designed for the reconstruction of dental bridges and the cementation of posts.

Build-It FR is a dual-cure composite cement (i.e. it is light-curing and self-curing) ideal for use in combination with the Pentron Bond-1 Primer/Adhesive adhesive system and Pentron FibreKor Kleer glass fibre posts.

The addition of specially treated glass fibres increases the compressive resistance of the reconstituted bond by more than 10% (249 MPa to 280 MPa*).

It can be used under all-ceramic or all-composite restorations and is indicated as a restorative material for prepared teeth.

Contains fluoride.

It is radio-opaque for easier X-ray detection.


MiniMix kit - 4 syringes x 4ml (available in A2 or A3 shades)

Assorted MiniMix Kit - 5 syringes x 4ml (one syringe of each shade: A2, A3, Opaque White, Blue, Gold)


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