Light-Core blue / translucid


Light-curing composite for the reconstruction of dental blunts - syringes

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Light-Core blue / translucid
Colour: BLUE
A-1728P 331 RON
Light-Core blue / translucid
A-1727P 331 RON
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Light-Core is a light-curing composite for dental blunts restorations.


The outstanding physical properties facilitate modelling without the risk of flow or slippage - optimal handling.


Light-Core cures in a maximum 5mm thick layer* at 500 mW/cm2.



- light-curing - immediate finish after curing

- 5mm layer thickness* - fast reconstructions

- micro-filler bonding - fibres (7.8%) - maximum strength

- no slipping/no flowing - optimal handling

- mouldable - easy to shape

- radio-opaque - easy to identify on x-rays


* In-vitro studies demonstrate that Light-Core allows polymerisation in 5mm layers when light-cured at 0mm distance at 500 mW/cm2 for 30 seconds




The blue colour facilitates application and is ideal when a contrasting colour is needed to confirm that the edges are on the tooth structure. Recommended under restorations with metal substructure.

Presentation: 2 syringes x 5g

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