Herculite Ultra Intro Kit 6 syringes


Light-curing nanohybrid composite

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Herculite XRV Ultra is a universal composite material with excellent aesthetic properties for anterior restorations, strong and durable for posterior restorations. The shade system allows for various layering techniques based on different aesthetic requirements - monolayer, double layer or multilayer techniques.

Its balanced consistency allows for easy application in anterior cavities as well as good obturation in posterior cavities.



- Nano-filling - provides aesthetic properties very close to natural teeth and with superior gloss;

- versatile layering system

- monolayer, double layer and multilayer layering techniques

- optimised handling for anterior and posterior use - high mechanical strength for durable restorations Herculite XRV Ultra is offered in 3 degrees of opacity: enamel, dentin and incisal.


The shade system allows the clinician to choose between different layering techniques, depending on the aesthetic requirements and clinical situation.

Monolayer technique

The exact match with the Vita shade and the light-refractive properties of this material allow the monostratum restoration to harmonise impeccably with the surrounding tooth structure.

Double and multilayer technique

For high quality aesthetic results, especially in the anterior area, the multilayer or duplication technique can be used.

Filler particle technology:

Point 4 filler particles (barium glass granules with an average size of 0.4µm) - clinically proven durability and polishability.Silica nanoparticles (20-50µm)

- enhanced gloss

- reduced shrinkage

- optimal handling


Pre-polymerised filler particles.

Large enough to increase the percentage of filler, the material is a proprietary blend of low shrinkage resin, barium glass and nanoparticles, so particle detachment is not a problem.

- Exceptionally easy polishing with gloss retention

- improved handling characteristics

- reduced polymerisation shrinkage


Intro Kit:

- 6 syringes 4g Herculite XRV Ultra (enamel - A1, A2, A3, A3.5, D2, dentin A2).

- 1 syringe 1.7g Premise Flow A2

- 1 bottle 5ml Optibond Solo Plus

- 1 syringe etchant acid 3g

- 15 Optidisc finishing discs

- accessories (tips, wells)

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