Premise Mini Kit 3 syringes


Universal light-curing nanocomposite

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Premise is a composite material based on the latest scientific findings. Combining the achievements of nanotechnology with a clever idea of trimodal filling material and filled resins, it guarantees uncompromising aesthetics, the lowest setting shrinkage among traditional composite materials and excellent handling properties. These properties, based on excellent mechanical strength, make Premise an ideal material that promises natural and permanent restorations, regardless of the clinical situation.

Premise is a composite containing a mix of 3 types of fillers - trimodal structure, based on silicon particles of 0.02 microns in diameter, barium glass particles of 0.4 microns and PPF complexes of approximately 30 microns in size; the large size of the latter increases the degree of saturation of the material with filler particles, and the small particles ensure the creation of a material with an aesthetic appearance equal to that of the best microhybrid composites.


No compromises in aesthetics, no compromises at all

All filler particles used in Premise material are small in size, making it easy to polish and the resulting filling surface permanently smooth and with a natural shine.

The product also has outstanding opalescence and fluorescence; there are 30 shades and 3 degrees of translucency. The lowest degree of shrinkage among traditional materials - as a result, the risk of postoperative sensitivity, micro-infiltration or marginal discolouration is reduced.

Premise material guarantees durability of restoration and aesthetics, including extensive decay of lateral teeth. Handling properties - the material does not stick to the instruments, does not leak from them or from the surface of the teeth, which guarantees that the desired anatomical shape is reconstructed quickly.


Presentation: kit with 3 syringes x 4g

- enamel A2, A3

- A3 dentine

- Optibond Solo Plus 5ml

- 50 applicators

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