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Universal light-curing composite

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Essentia is GC's newest direct restoration system: a light-curing, universal, radio-opaque composite.

It introduces a new, simplified shade system:

- bold and simple: seven shades to solve any clinical case

- intuitive system that will simplify the daily work of doctors

+ reduced inventory: only 7 syringes, all shades are useful - Essentia simplifies shade selection with 6 restoration options

- Previous: 4 options depending on patient age: Bleach/Junior, Young, Adult & Senior

- posterior: simple technique for double layering, or single shade using Universal - Essentia ensures optimal handling and optical properties in any situation

- Dentine is soft fabricated for easy carving, and will display excellent shade adaptation

- veneers are more compact and guarantee excellent gloss

- Universal shade is easy to handle for better application in the posterior area

- Masking Liner is injectable and very opaque: perfect for deeply discoloured cavities - Essentia simplifies the polishing procedure

- perfect surface in a few steps, thanks to the new Enamel formula

- long-term gloss retention is ensured by the use of ultra-fine fillers

Dentine: ensures shade adaptation in any situation

Based on a micro-hybrid composition, the dentine shades will ensure the optimal ratio between reflection and light scattering. Thanks to the low viscosity, handling is easy, both with a brush and a spatula.

Available shades: LD (light dentin), MD (medium light), DD (dark dentin).

Enamel: brings light to restorations. Being more translucent, the enamel shades will give a vital touch to restorations

The ease of polishing in just a few steps and the excellent long-term gloss retention will surprise you

The enamel composite is slightly more compact to achieve the desired final external hardness and excellent gloss.

Shades: LE (light enamel), DE (dark enamel).

Universal: a unique shade for all small and posterior restorations. This shade is designed to achieve a perfect match in all situations where layering is not required. Handling is made a little easier to facilitate application in the posterior area.

Shades: U (universal). Masking liner: blocking and mattifying pigments/colours. Because deep crevices often show strong discolouration, the masking liner is designed to block these imperfections with a thin, opaque layer. Handling is done by injection to facilitate access to the deepest cavities.

Shade: ML (masking layer).

Shade: ML (masking layer).

Restoration options become even more complex by using the 4 additional modifier shades, available separately: OM (Opalescent Modifier), RM (Red-Brown Modifier), BM (Black Modifier), WM (White Modifier).

Presentation: kit 7 syringes x 2ml (LD, MD, DD, LE, DE, U, ML + accessories)

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